Good Friday: Am I The Nail?

March 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Nail Hand-1Nail Hand-1Nail Hand-1

Today is Good Friday, a day Christians pay homage to the death of Jesus Christ on the cross by crucifixion. He is innocent of any wrong doing, but is still nailed to the cross. His response is Forgiveness!  Upon Reflection of this scene we may ask: Am I The Nail? The nail that causes pain. Am I the Nail when I fail to love somebody? Am I the Nail when I turn my back on a brother or a sister in need? Am I the Nail when I gossip or speak ill of someone? There are times in our life where we cause great pain to others. Times where we are the NAIL! Good Friday reminds us of the bad that exists in this world. Good Friday also, reminds us of the good that is in this world: FORGIVENESS. AM I THE NAIL? Please forgive me as I in turn forgive others!


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