Integration Not Assimulation

March 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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The day becomes the night and the night becomes the day. Do they integrate or assimulate each other? Integration brings things into equal participation, while Assimulation is becoming like something else. We all love to join groups, organizations, institutions, and clubs. When we do join it is important that we Integrate into an entity not Assimulate into an entity. Integration allows us to keep our personalities, our ideas, and to be ourselves. When we Assimulate into a group, we take on the personalities and the ideas of that group, losing who we are as a person. Those who assimulate become blind and myoptic and cannot see right from wrong but only the interest of that group. Assimulation is why there are so many atrocities thoughout history and in the world today. When you gather into a group so much good can be done but we must do it together thru Integration not Assimulation. So as the day becomes the night and the night becomes the day, let us gather together in INTEGRATION NOT ASSIMULATION!


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