In Sync With Life

April 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Pelicans In Sync-1Pelicans In Sync-1Pelicans In Sync-1

Above is an image of Pelicans flying In Sync over the water in the early morning sunrise. Pelicans look so clumsy on land but when flying are beautiful to watch. It may not seems it happens alot, but there are times when our lives are In Sync. Everything just seems to go our way and falls into place. It is these moments in life that we should cherish and enjoy, for as we all know so well, these moments always do not last. Life offers us up and down moments and we concentrate so much on those down moments that we forget to celebrate when all goes right. When you sense an In Sync moment of llife, ride that feeling for as long as you can and remember it when Life goes in a different direction. Celebrate and rejoice when you are IN SYNC WITH LIFE!


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