Our Prison Within

April 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



Above is an image of a Florida Panther in its cage. The Panther will pace back and forth around the perimeter of its confines yearning to go free. The Panther has no choice but to endure it's prison. We in our lives are not physically confined, but we are confined from within ourselves. We are afraid of change or afraid of taking a risk by leaving a bad situation. We remain unable to free ourselves from situations we feel trapped in. There is power and freedom from taking a risk in an uncertain path. We always have a choice, it may not be the right move, it may not be the smartest decision, but it is still a choice. Do not be afraid of change in your life, if it puts you in a better situation or take a risk to better your life. Do not let fear confine you, do not allow your freedom to surrender to OUR PRISON WITHIN!


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