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Where Has All The Reasoning Gone?

November 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

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We, the Human Species have been given a great gift over all of creation. It is the gift of REASONING! Yet, it seems now we as a species have become so tainted and morally corrupt that we no longer trust ourselves or others.  In our journey here on the planet, we no longer put trust in each other, but in machines. We see this in our jobs, our sports, and just in our day to day living. We rely on machines to make calls on our jobs, we rely on machines to make calls in sports, and machines now make calls in our day to day living. We allow them to make judgements over us rather than using our power to Reason. We as humans have begun to lose the great gift of our Reasoning. It is this gift that has got us to this point in the evolution our planet. Now it seems our sound Reasoning has given way to our darker side of selfishness, egotism, and our baser nature of non thinking and acting. We must use our machines as tools to help us arrive at decisions and judgements we make using sound Human Reasoning. It is only when we return to the values of sound Reasoning can we make sound judgements for the betterment of our human species. "WHERE HAS ALL THE REASONING GONE!"


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