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New Year: The Past - The Future

December 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Christmas Tree (1 of 1)Christmas Tree (1 of 1)

Happy New Year! We measure the passing of time in years. We mark history in B.C. or A.D. and time is measured in years. However, time continues on and we just label and measure it in Years. The New Year is a time we look back - The Past-. We look at how our lives have changed in a years time, major life events, the passing of family and friends. Next, we look forward - The Future -. The changes we hope to make and that our life will get better in the New Year. Life does not move back but always forward. The best we can do in the New Year is make positive changes and hope life doesn't catch us off guard with those unexpected twists and turns. New Year's let us celebrate our past and celebrate our movement forward to the future. HAPPY NEW YEAR!  


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