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Where To Sit?

December 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Bar Stools (1 of 1)Bar Stools (1 of 1)

Above is an image of Bar Stools. If you would walk into this Bar, the first question you would have to answer is Where to Sit? It is a question we ask ourselves everyday. It is a question that comes up in almost any event we attend, whether it is a restaurant, a sporting event, a movie theater, a party, and even a bar. So if you had the choice, what seat would you choose? A seat at the end of the Bar or a sit in the middle of the Bar? Seating is important, for if you sit closer to the front, you are more important and if you sit in the back you are less important, if you sit up front you are more likely to get noticed than if you sit in the back. So much of Where to Sit depends on how much status we desire or how much attention we want to focus on ourselves. Would it not be great if everyone simply said "I don't Care". However, that is rarely the case because our personal individual idiosyncrasies  will always ask ourselves: "WHERE TO SIT?"


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