It's All About Relationships

February 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Bird PairBird Pair

Life is all about Relationships. If birds get it, as pictured above, why can't we? Relationships are what Life is, we are born, we have a Relationship with our parents, maybe brothers or sisters, as we get older our friends thru school, then college, then the people we work with and our neighbors where we live, and finally our significant other. Relationships continue between us and the all the elements of the earth. How we handle all these Relationships determine if we are happy or not in Life. How are we at forming Relationships with others? Is it something we work on all the time or do we take it for granted. Good Relationships start when we share ourselves and learn to compromise with others. What will destroy a Relationship? I, I, I, ME, ME, ME will kill a good Relationship every time. If you want good Relationships in Life, think of others first, for when it comes to Life, "IT'S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS!"


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