Seeing Others In Neutral Gray

April 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Neutral Gray-1Neutral Gray-1

In Photoshop there is a technique that if you create a Neutral Gray layer over an image and then using the brush tool painting with either a white brush or a black brush, you can lighten or darken an image. When we look at others we often form judgements right away which will be toward a lighter side or a darker side. It is rare we see others as Neutral Gray which is neither their lighter side or their darker side. It is always one side or the other. If we could at times see others in a Neutral Light, it would give us a clearer or truer picture of who that person really is in life. It is in this Neutral Light that strengths and weaknesses are seen more clearly. It is in this layer of Neutrality that judgements are suspended for a moment before our various brushes begin to paint others as to a lighter side or a darker side. In this Neutral Gray layer we see both the good and the bad equally so our judgements of others are fair. Next time before you are too quick to judge someone, paint them in Neutral Gray and really see the lighter side and the darker side, then judge from there. Always try "SEEING OTHERS IN NEUTRAL GRAY!"


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