The Meticulous Garden

April 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Above is an image of the Gardens at Vizcaya in Miami Florida. It is a garden that is Meticulously taken care of with time and attention to all the details in the garden. It requires great patience and attention to keep this garden looking beautiful. It takes trimming and pruning to keep the garden in shape.  There are many things in our life that we can Meticulously pay attention to in the same way. What is difficult is to know what exactly we should pay meticulous attention to in life. What requires trimming and pruning to keep us as a meticulous garden? Everyone worries about our appearance and if we feel we look good, we feel good. However, if we become obsessive with our appearance it becomes vanity and narcissistic. Our jobs should catch our attention, because what we do, should be the best job we can. The most important things we should give meticulous attention to is our Health and Relationships and so very often we allow them to go unattended. If we are healthy, life can open so much up for us and if we have strong relationships our happiness will never suffer for long. What is in your Garden? What needs trimming and pruning?  Give it time and attention and make it 'THE METICULOUS GARDEN!"


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