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Drying Out

May 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Above is an image of an Anhinga or its more common name Snakebird. An Anhinga will dive into the water after fish and when it is done fishing, it will fly to a nearby tree and spread its wings to dry them out. The Anhinga will then spend considerable time drying out its wings. We too need time to dry out from our busy days. Its seems between work, the kids, family, friends, and everything in between, we are running around and not taking time for ourselves. This time for ourselves is "Drying Out". We pause, we spread our wings and take time to re-focus our life to continue our busy day. If the Anhinga does not take time to spread out its wings to dry them, it will not be able to fly very far. The same can be said of us, we need to sit back spread our wings and let life around us dry up. We need "DRYING OUT!"


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