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Full Bloom

May 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Flower Bloom-1Flower Bloom-1

Above is an image of a Flower in Full Bloom. Once the Flower reaches Full Bloom it is all downhill from there, for it will wither and turn to seed. Full Bloom is something that effects all of Life. Once we hit our apex of anything, it starts to go downhill and withers away. We see this pattern of peak, then decline throughout all aspects of Life. We see it in athletics, companies, fads, music, clothing, cultures, countries, and dynasties. The only question is not if but when something hits Full Bloom, how long can it sustain it, before it begins to wither. Always keep your Life fresh: new ideas, new learning, new adventures, new journeys and your Life will stay in "FULL BLOOM!"


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