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The Suspense Kills Us

June 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Above is an image of an Egret stocking its prey. The suspense as to when it will strike is a killer watching the scene unfold. It seems we thrive on Suspense, we love Suspense Novels, we love Suspense Movies, and we just love the element of Suspense in life. So much of suspense hinges on when the peak action will come and our patience to wait for it. It is that element which drives our love for suspense. We act to quickly we miss it, if we act to slow we miss it. Suspense is waiting for the peak of the action. Suspense is part of our lives and it drives us to do the task at hand no matter what it maybe. So whether its finishing that book, or watching the movie, or photographing a stocking Egret, we are captivated by suspense. So what "THE SUSPENSE KILLS US!"


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