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Living With Glass Ceilings

July 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of a Glass Ceiling in the Capital Building in Washington DC. Although, you can look up thru Glass Ceilings and see what is above you, they are very fragile and hard to maintain. In our lives we too have a Glass Ceiling, that part of ourselves that is very fragile and hard to maintain. Our Glass Ceiling is made up of our emotions and can be seen in our loves, our feelings, our personal memories, and our personal experiences. It is in these fragile areas of ourselves that are so hard to maintain for we can be hurt so easily. What we LOVE is the most fragile part of ourselves, for once it is broken it is very hard to repair. We must accept the fact that for the most part Glass Ceilings cannot be fixed, but have to be replaced. If your Glass Ceiling has been broken, pick up the pieces, address the brokenness, and give it time, for in time you will find a replacement and that is "LIVING WITH GLASS CEILINGS!"


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