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Seeing Into The Shadows

July 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of a Shadow of a Fern on a wall. Shadows are always around us and where there is light there is shadow. Shadows are an object blocking the light and reflecting on a surface. As all things, we too have shadows when we block the light and our form is reflected on a surface. Shadows are not our true selves but rather a reflection of ourselves. So often what people see in us is our shadow. We cast our shadows so others cannot see our true self. There are those who spend their lives living in the shadows. They may have been hurt or feel pain from a situation or feel they are not accepted by others or have a relationship sour. Whatever the reason, we never see their true selves, just shadows of who they are. Each of us has the power in us to be the light to others and remove the shadows. It can start with a smile or a kind word or just a simple Thank You. Start "SEEING INTO THE SHADOWS!"


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