An Overcast, Rainy Day

August 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Cloudy BeachCloudy Beach

An overcast, rainy day at Estero Bay. This is not the kind of day one wants on vacation on a sunny Florida beach, but not all days are sunny. We have rainy days and we have overcast days. It is funny how sometimes the day's weather is used to describe our moods. A sunny day evokes a bright, happy energetic day, whereas  an overcast, rainy day evokes a more gloomy, depressing, and less energetic day where all you want to do is sleep. Yet, all the days of sunny, overcast, and rain has a purpose. The Sunny day allows things to grow and be energized and an overcast, rainy day blocks the heat and the moisture also allows things to grow. They in their own way balance each other out. Cannot the same be said of our moods, that in the end they balance each other out. Be thankful for "AN OVERCAST, RAINY DAY!"


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