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When Expectation Meets Reality

January 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Snow Scene (1 of 1)Snow Scene (1 of 1)

Above is an image of a Snow Scene from the mountains in North Carolina. When Floridians travel to the north in winter they have the expectation to see snow but are ill prepared to deal with the reality of snow. The Snow is beautiful, however, the cold is not and the icy roads are not to be traveled. We are motivated by our expectations but unprepared when we face the reality of those expectations. Our lives are filled with expectations: our jobs will fulfill us, we fall in love and it last forever, our business will be successful and will prosper, and we will be healthy and live a long life. These expectations propel us on our journey in life, but the harsh reality is our jobs are not always great, some loves do not last forever, businesses do fail and people do get sick and have serious health problems. We must not lose our expectations in life, but we must always consider the reality of those expectations. It is in this balance that our life will stay on a robust path in life. So brace yourself "WHEN EXPECTATION MEETS REALITY!"



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