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Up And Down The Spiral Staircase

February 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Staircase (1 of 1)Staircase (1 of 1)

Above is an image of the Spiral Staircase in the St Augustine Lighthouse. Visitors go up and down the spiral staircase everyday, to the top and then to the bottom. This week in Parkland Florida there was another horrific school shooting where 17 innocent people lost their lives to another act of senseless violence. We have to ask "When will it all end?" One side blames it on the guns and the other side blames it on mental illness. We all share in some degree of mental illness, however, that does not warrant senseless mass killings of our brothers and sisters. Does the common ordinary citizen really need to own an Assault Rifle? It goes well beyond the scope of hunting and self protection. In the end, we end up doing NOTHING and the senseless killing continues. We need to start somewhere, take a baby step to a solution. Perhaps the answer could something so simple as if a person owns a gun they are require to take a safety course and have a legitimate mental evaluation and let us not forget to ban all Assault Rifles.  Instead we sit back as a society and do NOTHING but go 'UP AND DOWN THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE!"  



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