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Life Is Discovery VS Clashes

March 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Dark Night (1 of 1)Dark Night (1 of 1)

A Dark Night in the Woods. Our minds tell us this could lead us to new Discoveries or this could lead us to clashes in the dark. Life is either a Discovery or a Clash. We see this in the people we meet. You can discover a person you meet if you like them or you can clash with a person if you do not like them. We Discover things from our birth to our death: people, places, things we like, ourselves, and the world around us. In the same manor, all those things we discover can lead to clashes in our life. It all comes down on how we approach things. If one keeps an open mind and is not self centered then Discovery is possible, but if we close our minds and thinking becoming self centered than life becomes a series of clashes. "LIFE IS DISCOVERY VS CLASHES!


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