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Peace In An Age Of War

March 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Rose (1 of 1)Rose (1 of 1)

Do you feel the world is closer to Peace or closer to War? As much as we want Peace in the world, it seems everything is moving closer to War. Every move countries make is putting a log on the fire rather than putting the fire out. Disarmament Agreements are now abandoned and every world leader wants their nuclear arsenal to be the biggest and if the world nukes itself what kind of world is going to be left behind anyways?  Peace in the world will only be realized when we acknowledge our enemies are not the enemy. The true enemy is our fear, our greed, our self entitlement in the world. Our destruction of our environment and the planet resources. Peace will only come when we replace fear with trust, when we replace greed with giving, and when we see enemies as friends. As far fetched as that sounds only then will we have "PEACE IN AN AGE OF WAR!


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