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Our Lives Are Passing Seasons

April 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Winter Scene (1 of 1)Winter Scene (1 of 1)

Above is a Winter Scene from the mountains in North Carolina. Even though it is Spring, many parts of the world still look like this. Spring is here but it still looks like Winter. When it comes to the Seasons, we all look forward, but we miss going back. When Spring comes, we will soon miss Winter. We do the same thing in our approach to Life. We look forward, but miss going back. When we are young we cannot wait to grow up and be teenagers, when we are teenagers we cannot wait for adulthood, and when we do finally become adults we cannot wait to retire. The problem is we miss going back. As adults we miss being a kid and a teenager and when we retire we miss those younger adulthood days. We want to move forward, but we keep looking back in the past. The problem may lie in the fact we are afraid of the future and we do not think our lives are happy in the present. We must learn to embrace the present no matter the season, for there is good and bad in every season of our life. "OUR LIVES ARE PASSING SEASONS!


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