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Our Driving Madness

May 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Have you noticed that when we get behind a wheel of a car, we go mad! Just the other day on the interstate, a car was speeding to get on a crowded highway and did not slow down, expecting the other cars just to let him merge into traffic without slowing down. He became so angry at the other drivers cursing and swearing with hand signals and if there was  an accident, it would have been his fault. Whatever it is about driving, when perfectly normal people get behind the wheel of a car they change. Driving makes us think only of ourselves and not others, rules are thrown out the window, and people just do some of the dumbest things. Let us remember, we are not the only ones on the road, we are not the only people who have to go somewhere, we are the one person that can stop 'OUR DRIVING MADNESS!


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