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The Dissimilar In The Similar

May 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Heron Chicks (1 of 1)Heron Chicks (1 of 1)

Above is an image of two Great Blue Heron Chicks. They look similar but they are also dissimilar. We find ourselves often in very similar situations but there are always dissimilarities. We may drive to work the same way everyday and get bored by how similar the drive is but there are dissimilarities. We may catch a light, see different cars everyday, or it may rain one day. Perhaps you sit in your backyard looking at the same scene everyday and all seems similar. However, the same bird may sing its song from a different tree or a flower may bloom that day. There are dissimilar things happening in the similar old scenario. So don't get bored by the same old, same old similar things in life, but look for "THE DISSIMILAR IN THE SIMILAR!"


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