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The Path To The Future Is Never Clear

May 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Foggy Path (1 of 1)Foggy Path (1 of 1)

The Path to the Future is never clear and yet we will go to great extremes to make it clear. In the Past people use to go to fortune tellers, seers, shamans, prophets and oracles. Some of these practices still exist, but now we go to experts in the field of health and money to predict our futures. It seems we are always searching for that person who can guide us in our future path. However, nobody from the past or the current can tell or predict our future, for Life is just too unpredictable. Our Future will always be a hazy path built upon our past and our present. The best predictor of the future is to learn as much as we can, make sound decisions based on that knowledge and make adjustments when we go off the path, for "THE PATH TO THE FUTURE IS NEVER CLEAR!" 


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