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Birth - Death - Rebirth?

June 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Tomb Stones (1 of 1)Tomb Stones (1 of 1)

One thing we can all agree on is we are all born. Another thing we agree on is one day we are all going to die. However, the one thing we don't all agree on is what happens after death. the rebirth. There are those who believe nothing happens and then there are a slew of different theories and names for the rebirth into the afterlife. Some call it the Resurrection, others call it Reincarnation, others call it a Rebirth. There are all sorts of names we use to describe the afterlife of rebirth. No one really knows what happens and there has been those who experience the "near death experience" reporting there is something there after we die, thus negating those who claim nothing happens. However, in the end we do not really know for sure what is the rebirth experience. What we do know is "BIRTH - DEATH - REBIRTH?????"


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