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Staying Afloat

August 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Sailboat (1 of 1)Sailboat (1 of 1)

Above is an image of a Sailboat in Boston on the St. James River. The number one goal of the sailboat is to stay afloat, otherwise the people will end up in the water. Our number one goal in our lives in life is Staying Afloat. When it comes to sickness, job loss, broken relationships, financial issues, or any number of problems, we must stay afloat and not end up in the water. We stay afloat by taking action, if you are sick you see a doctor, if you lose your job, you seek another, and if you have financial issues you seek counseling. You stay afloat and make sure you don't end up in the water. Sail thru your life "STAYING AFLOAT!"


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