Life Is A Fallen Tree

September 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Fallen Tree (1 of 1)Fallen Tree (1 of 1)

A mighty Tree falls in the forest and we think the fallen tree is dead and lifeless. However, the Fallen Tree allows life around it to live. Animals will make their home in the tree, insects will provide food for the creatures in the forest, and the Tree gives up its space so other trees may prosper. Life for us can be at times like  a Fallen Tree. We become weak thru illness, the rigors of life, or age and as we may stand tall, at a certain point we become a Fallen Tree. It does not mean we are dead or lifeless, it means we must find other strengths and talent to give to life. If you find yourself as a Fallen Tree, look for what you can give back to others and life. In the end "LIFE IS A FALLEN TREE!"


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