We Love The Ostentatious

September 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Peacock (1 of 1)Peacock (1 of 1)

Peacocks are Ostentatious birds with their plumage. We have them here running wild in Florida and they are loud, noisy, messy birds. As beautiful as they are, they can be a nuisance to live in their company. They are ostentatious with their feathers and colorful appearance. We love the Ostentatious, just look at our love for movie stars and musicians. The more ostentatious they are, the more we love them. However, there is a part of us that find the ostentatious selfish, self-serving, looking for a need for attention. We for the most part do not go down that path, but there is a part of us where we are attracted to the outrageous, gaudy, over the top behavior. After all a Peacock is a pretty bird! "WE LOVE THE OSTENTATIOUS!"


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