The Train To Extinction

February 02, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

The questions we have to ask ourselves are: Are we on the train to extinction? Is it just the life beneath us or are we the last to go? The wildlife around us is disappearing at an alarming rate and it seems we do not care. For example the illegal wildlife trade in Hong Kong goes uncheck and is not considered even a crime with elephant ivory, rhino horns, and a host of other animals. Both science and religion have warned us of the effects of global warming and like the story of Noah before the flood we laugh and blow it off. Habitats are disappearing to condos and parking lots and the displaced animals have no where to go but in people's backyards. The question we have to ask ourselves is  Are our actions  and greed to blame for this and can we stop it? or Is Nature preparing the Earth for another mass extinction and we are just the last species to board the train? Is there some super virus frozen in the arctic ice waiting to be unfrozen by our own handy work of global warming? We must act now to save the earth and creatures on it including ourselves or we will soon with them board "THE TRAIN TO EXTINCTION!"


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