Out Of Hiding

March 12, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

A Lizard uses many forms of protection. They use camouflage to blend into their environment or they just hide, as the above image of a lizard shows us. We often use the same strategy as the lizard. We often try to blend into the crowd we are with or we just tuck into a crevice and hide like a lizard. We have learned to protect ourselves from harm both physically and mentally. Sooner or later the lizard must come out of hiding and interact with the environment. When we face that reality it may be a daunting prospect. However, we must face our fears and realize it may not be bad at all and we do have to live our life in this world. If you hide, you won't eat, you won't love, and you won't live.  Live a life "OUT OF HIDING!"


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