Peace In The Heart

December 02, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Christmas Lights (1 of 1)Christmas Lights (1 of 1)Christmas Lights (1 of 1)

The Holiday Season has begun and we face all the tension and stress of this time of year. This year it is even more stressful with the pandemic raging across the world. What this season should bring us is "Peace in the Heart". We will never reach out to others or the world for that matter until we attempt to establish peace in our hearts. It starts by slowing down and not getting angry, agitated, or inpatient with daily living. If we can keep the little things from upsetting us we are on the way. Now this is no easy task and we have to be mindful every minute, but it can lead to a new you. It is the Spirit of Christmas, it is "PEACE IN THE HEART!"


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