Are We The Caterpillar Or The Butterfly

November 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of a Caterpillar ready to transform into a Butterfly. The Caterpillar's world has always been the plant it lives on. It moves, eat, sleeps, and grows on its host plant. However, when the Caterpillar transforms into the Butterfly, its whole world changes. It can fly and flutter in the air and can travel to places it has never known existed. The Caterpillar's whole world changes when it becomes a Butterfly. I often wonder when we die, if that transformation takes place in our lives. We are trapped in our bodies and we live, eat, sleep, move about, growing old in the process. When we die are we transformed into a Butterfly and know a whole new world beyond us? We lose our bodies and that what makes us who we are can fly and flutter about in a whole new world. The question is "ARE WE THE CATERPILLAR OR THE BUTTERFLY?"


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