A Fish Knows Life Only In Its Pond

February 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of a Koi at the Mounts Botanical Gardens in West Palm Beach. A fish knows life only in its pond. The Pond is its whole world. Everything it experiences in life happens in the small world of its pond. We too can get trapped in our own little pond, if we do not make the effort to see the larger world. Our family, our work, or our domestic dwelling may become ponds in which we cannot see a larger picture of the world we live in. For example, we may have a nice job, good benefits, and be wrapped up into our work, that we never see some of the struggles of others who job lacks the benefits of ours. There is so much suffering in world and we can make a difference. Say a kind word or treat others with compassion. Look at life beyond your little pond, for "A FISH KNOWS LIFE ONLY IN ITS POND!"


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