Hatred Never Frees Anyone

February 27, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of a Serval Cat caged in a zoo. The Cat spends its day dreaming of freedom. The world knows the feeling being locked up by the COVID-19 virus and its yearning to have our freedom back. Yet, the world has been imprisoned by something far worse and it has spanned our history and that is HATE! Hate is like a disease that spreads and it effects never end. It just keeps spreading. We see it everywhere. Country hates Country, Ethic group hates Ethic group, the young hate the old, the old hate the young, catholics hate protestants, protestants hate catholics, whites hate the blacks, blacks hate the whites, democrats hate the republicans, republicans hate the democrats and it goes on and on and you get the picture. In the midst of all this Hate, people cry for freedom, but Hatred Never Frees Anyone. It is only when we turn to Love that freedom will truly free us. Until we learn to love one another, we will remain locked up. If only we could see that "HATRED NEVER FREES ANYONE!"


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