The Good And Bad Of Power

September 03, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of a Red-shoulder Hawk at the Green Cay Wetlands. A Hawk is a powerful bird which strikes fear in the creatures who inhabit the wetlands. Our image of power is often the Bad of Power. The one that strikes fear, ambition and greed. The power that looks to rule or enslave others. However, Power does that have to be that way. There is a Good Power, one that looks to heal, uplift, and encourage others to be themselves. The Good Power looks to nurture not control, to love not hate, to serve not to be served, to give not take and life not death. So often we see this Good Power as a weakness and aspire to the Bad Power. The Good Power could change the World if we would only seek it, find it and live it. It is up to us to choose between "THE GOOD AND BAD OF POWER!"


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