A Plant Stays Rooted Forever

January 19, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of Bamboo, it is in reality a grass that can grow really tall. Plants stay rooted forever. They cannot move on their own. Once the seed falls to the ground the plant will grow and not move unless something moves it. It cannot move by itself and where is grows, it will grow in that one spot all its life. We on the other hand, move around and are very transient in our existence. We love to move by foot, by car, by plane, and any other way we can get around. There are people who stay rooted in one place and never move around and it may seem strange to some of us, they are content with their existence. There is an advantage to staying rooted, it can bring us stability, a routine, and a sense of familiarity. There is nothing wrong if you wish to root yourself in life. Plants have done it for millions of years, for "A PLANT STAYS ROOTED FOREVER!"


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