Fear Does Not Have To Move

October 07, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of an alligator sitting still in the water. It does not have to move or do anything to invoke fear in the surrounding wildlife, just its presence alone invokes fear. In our world today we face many fears and our anxiety levels are as high as any generation before us. We face the threat of catastrophic war, of catastrophic weather, and catastrophic plagues which fill us with fear and anxiety. However, we have the power to prevent or control these catastrophic disasters if only we begin to act in love and not in fear. Fear does not have to move or even act to invoke its presence and fill us with anxiety. Only when we act in love, not for power, not for control, not for our own desires will fear have no power over us in our lives. In our world today "FEAR DOES NOT HAVE TO MOVE!"


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