Life Is About Addition And Subtraction

October 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Above is a black and white image of a Grebe floating on the water. It is an image of "subtraction" where there is only one element in the scene. It is said that the art of Painting is "Addition" where elements are added to the scene and the art of Photography is "subtraction" where things are left out or taken out of the scene.  Our lives are lives manly of addition. As we go through our life we add elements to our life: experiences, homes, jobs, family, school, and all kinds of 'creature comforts.' However, there is another side to life and that is "subtraction', where things get taken away, we can always lose the things which we add. For example, the people in the path of hurricane Ian have lost so much of their material additions it heartbreaking to watch. It is from "Subtraction" when all is lost, that we learn some of the hard lessons of life to appreciate what we had and there is suffering in life. It is times like these we become a "grebe floating on water" alone, in solitude, drifting through life, not knowing the future, but finding out who we are, for "LIFE IS ABOUT ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION!"


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