The Power Of Water

September 30, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image from 2008 of the storm surge from Hurricane Gustav on Ft. Myers Beach. It pales in comparison to the storm surge of Hurricane Ian that passed thru the same area this week. We see the power of Water and when it allies itself with the wind, it can become an unstoppable force. The power of Water comes from its simplicity and its malleable nature to conform to any shape or object. The human body contains the power of water, for water makes up 60% of our bodies and the earth surface is covered by 71% of water. What we learn from water is its simplicity and malleable nature to conform itself to any shape or object. Too much water is not a good thing and too little water is not good either. Balance is key in life along with simplicity and our nature to conform to situations. Learn to harness within yourself, for it is there, "THE POWER OF WATER!"


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