Foretelling Of The Hare

September 20, 2022  •  1 Comment

Above is an image of a Marsh Hare in the shadows at Wakodahatchee Wetlands. When I go to the Wetlands, I look for the Hares for they can predict what animal life may be around at the time. If they are out in the open it great numbers and hopping around, then its a good indication that there is no bobcat, hawk, large heron, or even an alligator nearby. One day 7 hares were spotted out in the open sunlight. However, if you see no Hares or they are in the shadows next to cover, then you can assume a predator maybe nearby. Their presence can foretell what there is to photograph that day. In our daily lives we need the "foretelling of the hare" to predict our day and what potential problems may lie ahead good or bad. Learning to read the signs can prevent headaches before they happen. For example, seeing heavy traffic on the side streets may tell us the there is an accident on the highway or finding a lump on our skin may mean going to the doctor and getting it checked out. Little signs can often prevent big problems in the future. It is the "FORETELLING OF THE HARE!"


The Hare is a mythical animal with the ability to predict the future. In the Celtic mythology, this animal has the ability to see into the future and to tell what will happen in the future. The Hare's prophecy can be seen in two different ways. One way is that predicts doom and misfortune for those who do not pay heed to it. The other way is that it predicts good fortune for those who are willing to heed its warnings.
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