Give One Life For Another Life

September 09, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of an Anhinga swallowing a fish it has just caught. Many would say it shows the violence of nature. However, the violence in nature is rarely senseless or without purpose. The dynamic of prey vs predator is Give One Life For Another Life. The life of the prey that is lost gives life to the predator and this dynamic works its way up the food chain. A flying bug may eat a small bug, only to be eaten by a dragonfly, the dragonfly is then eaten by the fish, which is eaten by an Anhinga, which is then eaten by an alligator. The food chain is giving one life for another life to live. It is only when you get to our human species do we see large scale senseless and random violence with no purpose or no end. Our violence is not based on survival, but on false principals of greed, lust, pride, jealously, prejudice, selfishness, inequality, nationalism and war. We have forgotten we are connected to this earth and all things in it serve a purpose to our long time survival. The plants and animals have not forgotten "GIVE ONE LIFE FOR ANOTHER LIFE!"


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