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A Dog's Life

March 16, 2021 - Have you ever wondered if you lived a dog's life? There are many dogs who eat better and have a better life than the maj...
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We Love Our Pets

October 24, 2017 - While walking downtown, a woman was there with her pet pig. We often look at people by the pets they keep. We have our d...
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Dog Loyalty

October 14, 2016 - There is nothing more loyal than a dog. Above is an image of our Puppy waiting for my wife to come home from work. Loyal...
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The Dog Did It

November 30, 2013 - Are not Dogs wonderful creatures! They are so filled with Unconditional Love and Acceptance, a pat on the head, a walk,...
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Do You See What I See?

November 16, 2013 - Have you ever wondered how the other creatures who share our world see it? I think sometimes we think everything sees ou...
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