Are We The Caterpillar Or The Butterfly

November 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of a Caterpillar ready to transform into a Butterfly. The Caterpillar's world has always been the plant it lives on. It moves, eat, sleeps, and grows on its host plant. However, when the Caterpillar transforms into the Butterfly, its whole world changes. It can fly and flutter in the air and can travel to places it has never known existed. The Caterpillar's whole world changes when it becomes a Butterfly. I often wonder when we die, if that transformation takes place in our lives. We are trapped in our bodies and we live, eat, sleep, move about, growing old in the process. When we die are we transformed into a Butterfly and know a whole new world beyond us? We lose our bodies and that what makes us who we are can fly and flutter about in a whole new world. The question is "ARE WE THE CATERPILLAR OR THE BUTTERFLY?"

Find The Nectar Of Our Life

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Nectar is a sweet liquid produced by flowers to attract insects and birds to pollinate their flowers. Above is an image of insects doing just that. We need to find the "nectar of our life", that which impowers us to be creative in life. It is creativity that stimulates us and keeps us young. There are zillions of things that can pollinate our creativity and the trick is to find the one thing that gets your creative juices going. Whether its the arts, a hobby, or sports find your flower. "FIND THE NECTAR OF OUR LIFE!"

Today Is A New Beginning

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Above is an image of an empty Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis in the early morning dew. The caterpillar has morphed into a butterfly and has begun a new day. Our lives are not always perfect and we have good days and bad days. We have the choice to wake up every day and make today a new day. Leave yesterday behind whether good or bad and make this day a new beginning to a more positive attitude every time you begin a new day. We all may be caterpillars but we can become butterflies! "TODAY IS A NEW BEGINNING"

A Leaf Of A Different Color

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Above is an image of a Leaf of a Different Color. The brown color of the leaf tells us its life is spent. Colors in nature can tell us a lot of information about where things stand. A brown leaf means the leaf is dead, yellow and orange leaves tells us Fall is here and winter is on the way, and green leaves tell us the leaf and the plant or tree is healthy and alive. Reading the signs of nature can give us a status report on life. We need the same self awareness when it comes to reading the signs in our own lives. There are situations in life that are brown leaves, dead, lifeless and there are leaves of yellow or orange that tell us change is coming. Finally the green leaves tell us life is healthy and vibrant. Read the signs of life in your own life, it is as simple as "A LEAF OF A DIFFERENT COLOR!"

Expecting The Unexpected

October 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Walking the nature trails in Florida, you will often see Anhingas fishing the the water, however, when one catches a fish you have your shot. Nature Photography is often "Expecting the Unexpected." However, many areas in life also  have the theme expecting the unexpected. You see it sports, you get an unexpected job opportunity, an inheritance comes from a distant relative, or you have everything go right that day. We do see the unexpected in life. One thing we need to do more in life as in Nature Photography is walking through life "EXPECTING THE UNEXPECTED!"

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