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Above is an image of a Great Egret waiting to catch a meal with patience. It will stand there patiently for as long as it takes a fish to swim by. Asian philosophers used to observe nature and waiting birds like egrets and herons to realize their greatest attribute was Patience...Patience...Patience. In our hurry up, fast food, pre-fabricated, get it done world we have lost the Patience to get us through situations and life as whole. We do not have the time to share and get to know one another and slow our busy life down. We need to visit Nature and like the Asian Philosophers of old, realize the greatest attribute to get through this life is "PATIENCE...PATIENCE...PATIENCE!

A Stream Flowing Thru The Forest

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A stream flows thru a forest on a hiking trail. If one follows the stream, it is a path thru the forest. In our life we need to find the stream that will lead us on a path thru the dark forest of life. In life we will encounter rocks and fallen trees that may block our path. Our stream may be a person, a mentor, or a belief that shows us the way around rocks and fallen trees. The stream will lead us out of the darkness into the light. Find "A STREAM FLOWING THUR THE FOREST!"

Life Flies Forward

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Above is an image of a Rosette Spoonbill flying across the wetlands. It is a very beautiful and unusual looking bird. Almost all birds fly forward not backwards, with maybe the exception of the hummingbirds. Life is the same, it flies forward and very rarely will it goes backwards. We wish Life can go back to those special moments, but in reality those moments are just memories. If we accept this premise it gives us a chance to keep moving and not looking back. Also, it allows us to let go of the things of life and we will not stagnate. Every time you see a flying bird just remember "LIFE FLIES FORWARD!"

Ash Wednesday: Penance Is Letting Go

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Today is Ash Wednesday where Christians around the world begin a season of penance. Penance is often thought of denial, discipline, fasting, and giving up things and thus it is so. However, Penance on a larger scale is all about "Letting Go". Penance and all the things that go with it aims at stripping away the things that hold us back from our True Selves. We insulate ourselves from pain and hurt by layering ourselves with anger, selfishness, jealousy, overeating, over drinking, and exploiting others. Penance helps us strip away those layers by focusing us on Letting Go. It does not have to be a negative process but should be a positive process. During this time think of some positive things you can do to strip away those negative behaviors that protect your true loving self. Begin this Ash Wednesday by the Penance of Letting Go!

Thought For The Day

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There's a whole world out there, right outside your window. You'd be a fool to miss it.

                                                                    -Charlotte Eriksson-

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